Woman Has Police Enter Her House Without Warrant Over Having Her Grass Uncut

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In Turtle Creek, Pennsylvania, police went on a 12-hour “warrant roundup” – trying to arrest as many people with outstanding warrants as possible. One of those arrest warrants was against a landlord for failing to maintain his property. (Yes, cities can and will go after people for uncut grass or other failures to maintain.)

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The landlord wasn’t home, but the tenant, Robyn Ruckman, was.  She videotaped the police presenting themselves at her door without offering identification, swearing at her and, in response to her mild protest that they hadn’t presented decent identification, forcibly entering her house without showing a warrant to do so.

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The Turtle Creek Police Chief defended the cops’ behavior by saying that it’s department policy that, once a door has been opened, the police cannot allow the door to close on them for fear that the next time it opens, they’ll find themselves staring down the wrong end of a gun.

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Infowars.com, which brought this video to our attention, states that, department policy or not, citizens still have a couple of rights that these police ignored:

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Remember: you don’t have to show an ID if you’re not driving a motor vehicle, especially while on your own property. You should NEVER let the police inside your home without a search warrant. If they do so, they are violating the Fourth Amendment. You can take them to court and sue them for violating your constitutional rights.

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