Obama Spends $20,000,000 Helping Indonesian Kids Get College Degrees

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Millions of young Americans are being disgorged from our universities every year owing up to hundreds of thousands of dollars with seemingly no hope of paying it all back. Further our government is bankrupt, over spent, in the red. Yet, you should be proud, America, because Barack Obama is paying to give Indonesian kids a Masters Degree!

Even as high an official as Fed Chairman Ben Bernanke has reported that his son will graduate with a $400,000 student loan debt. Even if he makes a LOT of money this kid will have trouble paying that back. It’ll take years. And for a regular American it would take several decades.

But not for Indonesia. The Obama administration is expanding a program that provides free educations to people in Indonesia looking to become “professionals.” Obama hopes to create a “number of Indonesian future leaders holding advanced degrees (Masters) from U.S. and in-country institutions of higher education.”

This program can be found on the FedBizOpps database as Solicitation #SOL-497-12-000004.

U.S. Trade & Aid Monitor reported that last year the Obama administration sunk an additional $90 million into aide for Indonesia. Obama sunk some of the money into schools–including radical Islamic Madrasas–with a project named PRIORITAS. That stands for Prioritizing Reform, Innovation and Opportunities for Reaching Indonesia’s Teachers, Administrators, and Students.

Part of that additional $90 Million (on top of what we’ve spent already) will include an additional $20 million for the masters program. This is phase II, though and it isn’t clear what was spent on phase I.

And that is just one of the programs. There are many, many others all costing millions each.

Some may say its a good idea to help train Indonesia’s next generation of leaders. But how likely is it that Obama is smart enough to demand that this money only be spent to inculcate American ideas and practices? Hell, he isn’t even interested in fostering American ideals in America.

Of course, as it is most University degrees in the US really aren’t worth the paper they are printed on.

No it is far more likely that he’s spreading all this free cash to his former home and allowing them to spend it however they want. Such as on radical, Islamic Madrasas.

Meanwhile, in the USA, student loan rates will at least double, says Speaker of the House John Boehner.

And people wonder why so many young Americans are still living with mom and dad!

So, what do you think? Is this a good investment in spreading America’s influence? Tell us below.

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