“Jihad” Graffiti On Interstate 95 Almost Leads To Full On Fight

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Residents of Delray Beach, Florida became alarmed recently by some graffiti on concrete wall near I-95. The graffiti is one giant word: “Jihad!”

The offensive word was crudely spray painted on the wall in 20-foot-high letters along the wall of a northbound lane.

The word, everyone knows, is the Muslim call to “holy” war and is used as an excuse for every manner of Muslim-perpetrated, human atrocity across the world.

Police found spray paint nearby and linked it to the crime but couldn’t say wether the spray painting was an actual threat of terrorism or just kids pranking the city.

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CBS Channel 12 News went to the site and interviewed a few residents that had come out to protest the “Jihad!” message. Many, some white and Jewish, some black, were against the sign.

Of course, not everyone was against the graffiti. One white, liberal loon got into a verbal altercation over the markings while the news camera was there filming. The idiot claimed that everyone that stands against Jihad is “brainwashed.” He also said that Jihad is “not a problem.”

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He finished his idiotic remarks screaming “there are no terrorists.”

City workers removed the graffiti later that day.

Delray Beach police also reported that closer into the city limits they had found a sticker slammed onto an electrical box that also read “Jihad!” Police aren’t certain that the graffiti and the sticker are connected and currently have no leads on who perpetrated either incident.

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What do you think? Should Delray Beach be worried?

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