Racy New Video Of Israeli Women Soldiers Surfaces

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A risque new video featuring female Israeli fighters has surfaced online.

The video shows the fighters dancing in underwear, spanking each other, and using military rifles as stripper poles. Classy!

This incident follows a string of half-naked photos of Israeli female soldiers that were leaked online earlier this month. Those recruits have been punished, but military officials never gave the identity of those women or specified the punishment they received.

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In the new video, the women fighters are in military barracks. One of them tells another, “Dance on the rifle like a slut!”

In light of these controversies, the Israeli military has come up with new guidelines, dictating how soldiers are allowed to use social media. Those in classified intelligence positions have the strictest limitations, but most soliders are still allowed to use social media sites.

The IDF’s Information Security Department said, “There is no problem with a Golani soldier taking photos in uniform, but he is absolutely forbidden from publicizing operational details.”

All Israeli men and women are required to serve in the military (women for two years, and men for three). Most join when they turn 18 — so, naturally, it is hard to keep them off of social media.

Orit Adato, the former commissioner of the Israeli Prison Service, said, “We must make clear to the soldiers the harm this does to us (the IDF) both here and abroad. I would crack down on this. After two or three times that people are punished severely, others will be deterred from doing it.”

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