14-Year-Old Refuses To Remove NRA T-Shirt, Faces 1 Year In Jail

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A middle school student in West Virginia was suspended after he refused to remove the NRA t-shirt he was wearing.

14-year-old Jared Marcum is charged with obstruction of an officer. Prosecutors have moved forward in actively pursuing the charge — the middle schooler could face up to a year and jail and a $500 fine if found guilty.

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The NRA shirt that Marcum was wearing featured the NRA logo with the outline of a .308 caliber, semi automatic rifle. Marcum’s father owns a similar gun.

According to the officer who arrested Marcum, the boy refused to stop talking which hindered the ability of the policeman to do his job. That’s where the obstruction charge came from.

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Give me a break. This charge is completely absurd and unfair.

The boy was probably just nervous around the cop, and desperately tried to explain himself.

Marcum was only exercising his First Amendment right by wearing the NRA t-shirt. Throwing him in jail for this incident could have a profound negative affect on his future.

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