Police Molest Woman In Court Room, Then Arrest Her For Reporting Them

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This story of a woman being sexually molested by a court officer then getting arrested for daring to report it is about two years old, but is just now making the rounds on the Internet for some reason, but whether it’s an older story or not it is a perfect example of how many of our law enforcement officials have become dangerous to the we the people instead of our protectors.

Monica Contreras was in court on a routine divorce matter and once her appearance before Judge Patricia Donninger was wrapped up she was unexpectedly told she must to go to a closed witness room for a body search, supposedly for “drugs.” The incident occurred in the Clark County Court House in Las Vegas, Nevada in 2011.

The 28-year-old Contreras said that while they were in witness room, Fox touched her buttocks and breast and ordered her to lift up her shirt exposing herself to the male court official.

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Contreras later told the court that she had demanded a female court officer to be present during the unprovoked “drug search” but that marshal Ron Fox refused to listen to her pleas as he carried out the search.

Once this “search” was over, Contreras returned to the court room (where her toddler child was) and began to complain about the treatment to judge Donninger. The judge, however, ignored the woman’s pleas and soon two court officers–including marshall Fox–began to corral the woman in the back of the court room.

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At one point, Fox claimed he was arresting her “Because of false allegations made against a police officer.”

Of course, there is no such law.

Regardless, the woman was hauled off to jail sobbing and her two-year-old child was dumped into child protective services.

In 2012, after an internal investigation, marshall Fox was fired for the incident. With this action, you can bet there were more such incidents than just this one.

Contreras told Nevada’s channel 8 KLASTV news that she was gratified by the actions.

“I just hope I did the right thing by telling internal affairs. It makes me feel good because now I know that I was right,” she said.

Below is the complaint filed against the woman when she was arrested.

What do you think? Is this just another example of the growing arrogance of our police state?

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