California To Pass “Gender Bill” Which Lets Students Choose If They Are Boys Or Girls

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Under California law, men are not allowed in the women’s locker rooms and shower areas, for obvious reasons. These are places where women are partially or wholly undressed and completely vulnerable, and that’s true whether the guy is planning on getting a quick peek or is hoping to engage in even more nefarious behavior. Nevertheless, the California Senate is currently contemplating – and will almost certainly pass – a bill from California assembling that allows boys to announce that their gender identity is female for purposes of athletic programs, an announcement that gains them full access to girls’ locker rooms at elementary and high schools.

AB-1266 has passed through the California assembly (without a single Republican vote) and is now waiting for a California Senate vote. It’s intended to amend California Education Code section 221.5 (“Sex Equity in Education Act”). As currently written, sec. 221.5 states that no elementary or high school students can be barred from classes or forced into classes because of their sex. The proposed amendment, however, adds a whole new dimension, by letting the students define what their sex is with regard to sports and then giving them access to whatever locker room they prefer:

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A pupil shall be permitted to participate in sex-segregated school programs, and activities, including athletic teams and competitions, and use facilities consistent with his or her gender identity, irrespective of the gender listed on the pupil’s records.

Put another way, a guy, complete with guy biological equipment, can announce that he’s really a girl and then get unlimited access to the girls’ locker room. That locker room, of course, is the place in which adolescent girls take off their clothing to change before and after athletic activities.

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Robert Tyler, general counsel for Advocates for Faith & Freedom has spoken to several girls who fully understand the possibilities for abuse. He says that his organization has spoken to numerous public school girls who feel very vulnerable when they think about a boy announcing he’s a girl and walking into their locker room.

Said Tyler, “For example, a boy could choose to be on the girls’ swimming team or a boy could choose to be on the girls’ basketball team based upon his own identity that he has established for himself or claims to identify with.” Gender liberation for a small minority of people means a high risk potential for a majority of girls.

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This writer knows of a man who thought he was transgender and prepared for a sex change operation. He then realized that he was actually lesbian and would have better success with the women if he still looked like a man even though he felt like a woman, so he kept his male body. Is this the type of gender-confused person we want in our girls’ locker rooms?

We continue to believe that people whose brain and body have different gender identities should be treated with compassion. That does not mean, however, that their rights should trump the rights of the majority. Reasonable accommodation is . . . well, reasonable. Unreasonable accommodation, however, becomes bullying.

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