“Impeach Obama” Gathering In California Causes 10 Mile Traffic Jam

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California may be a deep blue state, but there are still a lot of people in California who think Obama’s presidency is a problem and that he should leave office sooner, rather than later (a sentiment Obama himself seems to share). According to participants, a Tea Party-organized “Impeach Obama” demonstration in Southern California this past weekend caused a ten-mile long traffic backup.

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The San Diego Tea Party used Meetup.com to advertise an “Impeach Obama Overpass Demo in Carlsbad.” The Tea Party described the theme as one that would be “anti-Obama, but that includes anti-amnesty, gun rights, eligibility skepticism, illegal wars, Benghazi, etc., whatever your preferred reason is that Obama should be removed from office.” The organizers estimated that 25,000-30,000 people heading towards the overpass on I-5 would see the signs.

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The demonstration proved to be successful beyond anyone’s wildest imaginings. Participants flew the Tea Party-adopted Gadsen flag, American signs, and placards with slogans ranging from “Remember Benghazi” to “Obama Lies” to “Amnesty Hell No!”

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Because drivers slowed down to see what was going on, with hundreds honking encouragingly, the demonstration created a traffic jam going back ten miles. Roger Ogden, a Tea Party activist who described the event in an email he sent to the Carlsbad Patch was unrepentant:

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I would say sorry for any small inconvenience they may have suffered. But it is also inconvenient to the entire nation to have a lawless president in office who murders American citizens without judicial process; wages illegal war without congressional approval required by the Constitution, including a terroristic drone war, which has killed about 5,000 people including many children and innocent bystanders in allied countries; dictates law by executive order and generally trashes the Constitution.

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