Schools Start “Toy Gun” Buybacks To Teach Children Guns Are Bad

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It was a misguided idea that started in St. Louis, Missouri, and that is now heading west to California: toy gun buybacks. In St. Louis, it was one pastor who decided to use his own church as the setting for the buyback. In California, of course, a public school is jumping on board this foolish, anti-gun project.

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According to Business Insider, Strobridge Elementary School, a public elementary school in Hayward, California, is encouraging kids to swap their toy guns for the chance to win a bicycle. The principal, Chris Hill, thinks that the buyback will turn kids away from the lure of guns:

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Playing with toys guns, saying ‘I’m going to shoot you,’ desensitizes them, so as they get older, it’s easier for them to use a real gun.

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Considering that toy guns have been a staple of childhood play in America for at least a century, if Hill is correct, than America should have been a psychopathic dream, a complete bloodbath, throughout the late 19th and the entirety of the 20th centuries. It wasn’t.  Moreover, for those kids who grew up in safe post-WWII suburbs playing cops and robbers, that they were desensitized to violence because of their cap guns would certainly be surprising news, as most went on to lead stable middle class lives.

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Principal Hill’s completely unfounded theory also ignores the correlation between gun control and gun crime (the more control, the more crime). And of course, it completely ignores the pernicious effects of Hollywood movies that glamorize gun play in a way no Nerf gun ever could.

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