Air Force Forced To Remove Video By Pentagon Since It Mentioned God

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Sergeants are the backbone of the military. It’s unsurprising, then, that the Air Force created a video saluting its sergeants. What still has the capacity to surprise, though, is the fact that Obama’s Pentagon yanked the video because it contains the word “God.” The Pentagon was concerned that this word would insult atheists and Muslims, always known for their delicate sensibilities.

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The Air Force video riffed off of the famous “So God Made A Farmer” commentary that the late Paul Harvey wrote and recited (and that Dodge recently used for a Super Bowl commercial). Instead of “So God Made a Farmer,” the Air Force video was entitled “So God Created A First Sergeant.”

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The video’s creator was a chaplain from Joint Base McGuire-Dix-Lakehurst. Since the Pentagon hasn’t yet approved atheist chaplains, the fact that he was a chaplain makes it reasonable that God would be part of his world view. The chaplain leaders at the New Jersey joint Army, Navy, and Air Force base approved of the video, as did the base command structure. It was Obama’s Pentagon that yanked it off of YouTube.

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Fox News obtained a copy of the email from the chief of the Air Force News Service Division, which pulled the video:

Proliferation of religion is not allowed in the Air Force or military. How would an Agnostic, Atheist or Muslim serving in the military take this video?


I would not recommend using this at all.

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The chief really went to town when he started deconstructing all possible Judeo-Christian references in the video:

The choice of ‘On the Eighth day’ verbiage to begin this video is highly suggestive from the book of Genesis in the Bible and has Christian overtones

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For a long time, non-Christians living in America gave thanks that they were living in a country that, despite the fact that they did not share mainstream Christianity, didn’t force them to convert; didn’t deprive them of educational or professional opportunities; and didn’t kill them or drive them out of the country. Instead, the primarily Christian citizens of America non-coercively, and in a quite delightful way, shared their religion with everyone. Look at the pretty Christmas trees! Enjoy the colorful Easter eggs!]

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The Leftist-inspired PC multiculturalist movement has driven true multiculturalism out of America’s institutions and town squares. Now, instead of shared religion without coercion, we get a world where religion is evil. That’s not what the First Amendment said or intended when the Founders promised that are government would “make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof.”

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We’ve live in a Brave New World where robust American citizens no longer exercise their freedoms, share their beliefs, and express gratitude that they live in a country with a government that doesn’t persecute or discriminate against them because of their religion. In Obama’s America, feelings trump rights, provided that the feelings at issue emanate from politically correct victim classes. If Muslims and Atheists are so delicate that they can’t bear even to hear the word “God,” what in the world makes them tough enough to serve in the military?!

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