CNN’s Piers Morgan Says Obama Is “Worse” Than George W. Bush

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Lately, many prominent hosts in liberal media have been trashing President Obama. I kind of like it!

On Thursday, CNN’s Piers Morgan harshly insulted President Obama. He focused on the newest scandal engulfing the White House, involving government officials secretly obtaining telephone records of millions of unknowing Americans.

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Morgan quoted a recent New York Times editorial that said the Obama administration has “now lost all credibility on this issue.”

Socialist Senator Bernie Sanders was on the show as his guest. Morgan asked the senator from Vermont if he thought Obama’s surveillance decisions are “worse than anything George W. Bush did.”

“Has what Barack Obama been doing — and his administration — not just with all these revelations in the last 24 hours, but also the IRS, going after AP and FOX News, and so on, has what he’s been doing worse than anything George W. Bush did?”

The always-predictable Sanders took this as an opportunity to bash Bush. He said, “Well, I think Bush started the process, and what I had hoped, and I think millions of Americans had hoped, that Barack Obama, who knew something about constitutional law, would not only change Bush’s policies in a number of ways but certainly with regard with civil liberties. I think it’s fair to say that many of us are deeply disappointed that he did not end many of those programs and provide a lot more transparency than he has.”

Morgan responded, “You could argue he was right to say he’d be different. He’s worse!”


The CNN host then spoke to Chistine Quinn about the Obama administration’s “snooping.” He said, “To me, this looks like the single greatest attack on civil liberties and privacy of Americans I’ve ever seen.”

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This liberal host, along with some others, has been criticizing the president quite frequently lately. In May, Morgan trashed Obama for not staying true to his promise to be transparent in all of their activities.

Despite the Obama-bashing, Morgan has been getting good ratings. His CNN show surpassed his 9 pm rival, MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow. That night, he made fun of Maddow with a Tweet that said “Oooops.”


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