Tennessee Man Has 22 Children Through 14 Woman, Costing Taxpayers $7,000 Per Month

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Every month, the state of Tennessee pays $7,000 to support twenty-two children, all of them fathered by a single man: Orlando Shaw, a 33-year-old lothario who can’t keep his pants zipped up. Orlando is now at the center of a child support case in Nashville, as some of the fourteen mothers of his children try to get him to cough up at least some money to support his brood.

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Orlando gave a revealing interview to a reporter for NewsChannel 5, a Nashville television station, one that showed that he had no compunction about getting women pregnant. He cheerfully explained that “I was young and ambitious and I love women. You can’t knock no man for loving women.” No, you can’t, but you can knock a man for knocking up women.

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Orlando doesn’t just love women. He also loves crime. According to him, his criminal record prevents him from getting employment. And with 22 children (or, as Orlando, says “roughly eighteen”), with “seventeen” women, he needs a lot of employment. Magistrate Scott Rosenberg estimated that Orlando would need to hold three or four full-time jobs to meet the child support payments he owes.

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Orlando assured TV viewers, though, that he’s not all bad. “I love my kids and I can care less about what anyone thinks about it.” He’s just excited that he has so many children to pass on his family legacy. “I’ll be sure we’ll be here for years and years to come.” Shaw seems to realize, however, that his days of producing progeny need to end, since he’s announced that he intends to get “fixed” (i.e., to have a vasectomy).

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It’s a little unclear just how much Orlando really loves his kids. When challenged to name them all, he couldn’t, but he knew that all the children have names that somehow echo his. “Hey, I got ’em, I named them, I named these kids, me!”’

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It’s tempting to put all the blame for this little Tennessee Baby Boom solely on Orlando. However, that’s unfair. There were fourteen (or maybe eighteen) women who went ahead and had babies with a man to whom they were not married and who gave no indication that he would be able to support these children. These women could have said “no” to sex or they could have taken responsibility for birth control. Yes, accidents can happen (no birth control method other than abstinence is perfect), but accidents do not happen twenty-two times. As it is, all of these mothers have almost certainly grown up believing that it is the State’s responsibility to care for them – and the State has done so.

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So, if you’re planning on blaming someone for Orlando’s population bomb, don’t start with him. Instead, place the blame where it belongs: on a Leftist culture that has informed generations of low-income, low-education people that the state will be both mommy and daddy to their children.

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