Obama Signing United Nations Anti-Gun Treaty June 3rd

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The Obama administration has long made it clear that it was intrigued by United Nations Arms Trade Treaty (“ATT”) which, if enacted, will control or prohibit ever civilian arms shipment anywhere in the world. Republicans and a handful of Second Amendment Democrat Senators have been so worried about the Obama administration’s flirtation with the UN ATT that the Senate passed an amendment to stop the Obama administration from entering into the ATT.

Nothing was going to stop Obama, though. Despite Senate objections, on March 28, the Obama administration engaged in an underhanded maneuver that ensures the ATT will pass despite America’s non-participation. Now, although Obama sat out the vote (after ensuring that the treaty would pass) Obama has announced that he will sign the treaty on June 3, on behalf of the United States of America.

The ATT will negatively affect American firearms. It will allow the UN to exert control over (and block) all civilian firearm imports into the United States (such as Glock, which Obama’s media wants to destroy), lessening the overall availability of guns. This, combined with the DHS’s massive weapons and ammunition buying spree, will leave even fewer guns for the civilian and law enforcement markets. In addition, the treaty imposes costly, and often prohibitive, restrictions on firearms imports, which will cover everything from shipping containers to sportsman traveling abroad.

Former UN Ambassador John Bolton had the administration figured out months ago:

The Senate still has to ratify the treaty by a two-thirds majority. Although the Democrats control the Senate, they cannot automatically call upon the 67 votes necessary to ratify the treaty. Nevertheless, by signing on to the ATT, Obama has signaled to the world that his administration will cooperate willingly with those nations that have enacted and intend to enforce the treaty – even if that means severely limiting Americans’ constitutional access to guns.

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