VIDEO: Female Police Officer Beats Man Lying On Ground To Death With 10 Baton Strikes

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A Sacramento citizen captured cell phone video of a suspect resisting arrest. The man died in police custody after being beaten at least ten times with a baton by a female officer.

The video shows the man being subdued by police. The suspect is on the ground with a male officer on top of him. The male officer is trying to handcuff the man. The female officer stands above them repeatedly striking the struggling man with her baton seemingly in the head.

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Police were called to a shop on Folsom Boulevard on the evening of May 24 to apprehend a man threatening a shop clerk. Upon arriving the man became violent and the struggle ensued. Pepper spray was used on the man but it did not subdue him.

The suspect was taken to the police station where he stopped breathing. He died after being transported to the hospital.

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Two police officials were also taken to the hospital after the altercation.

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