2nd Amendment Supporter Thrown Out of N.J. Meeting By Police After Criticizing Gun Control

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Do you remember how, at least once a week during the Bush Administration, you’d hear some Progressive holler about the importance of “speaking truth to power?” They’d speak truth to power at massive rallies, where no one stopped them from speaking; they’d speak truth to power at university functions where they stole the microphone from (and sometimes assaulted) conservative speakers; they’d speak truth to power on TV, and in the movies, and in political meetings, and just about everywhere else they could think of. They were the free, the brave, and the Progressive squawking madly at conservatives who sat politely and listened.

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It’s bit different, though, in Obama’s America. On April 30, 2013, gun rights supporter James Kaleda made the mistake of speaking truth to power at a New Jersey state senate meeting regarding the state’s plans to enact several gun-grabbing pieces of legislation. Rather than being applauded by the Leftists in attendance for bravely speaker truth to power, Committee Chair Senator Donald Norcross (Dem., of course) ordered New Jersey State Troopers to throw him out.

If you listen to Kaleda’s speech, you will hear that he was impassioned. He was not violent, he was not threatening, he was not incoherent in the way of a madman on the verge of exploding. Instead, he spoke strongly about the legislature’s plans to disarm Americans to their detriment (“There is no assurance or promise you can give us or make that can counter that reality, that you are doing nothing today but disarming citizens”) and about the State’s failure to abide by its own laws (“No New Jersey resident would ever be denied an answer on their firearms ID card more than 30 days.”)

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Norcross took umbrage at Kaleda’s tone of voice and said “You will not holler at us. Do you understand?” Before going on to what happened after Norcross asked this clearly rhetorical question, listen to the video yourself (above) and see if you think Kaleda was “hollering.” It strikes us that he was fervent but, as we said, he never lost control. He wasn’t incoherent, shrieking, or threatening. He wasn’t even strident.

In any event, Kaleda, rather than challenging Norcross’s manifestly unfair characterization of his speech, accepted it, but asserted that he had a right to state his views before the state legislature. Or, as he said, “Yes, I will [keep hollering].” At which point Norcross, rather than remembering that he should have been honored to be in the presence of someone who was actually speaking truth to power, insisted that Kaleda leave the chamber. When Kaleda refused to do so, Norcross has a NJ State Trooper force him to leave.

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Once again, the Left has proven that its idea of “tolerance” is to allow only speech that is consistent with hard-core Leftist dogma. Any other type of speech must be silenced. Unfortunately for the Left, the internet makes it harder and harder for it to control information in the neat, tidy way possible in the former Soviet Union or even in today’s Cuba.

As for Kaleda, while he has established himself amongst Second Amendment supporters as something of a hero and a martyr, his efforts were for naught. At the end of April, the overwhelmingly Democrat Senate Law and Public Safety Committee approved seven new gun control measures, including an instant background check encoded into people’s driver’s licenses; and a declaration that “violence” is a “public health crisis” (meaning more state money for gun control). The orgy of proposed legislation isn’t over, either. The Committee is currently considering ten more bills, including banning certain types of weapons, and preventing the state pension fund from investing in companies that manufacture or import assault rifles — never mind that the state’s pension fund needs all the good investments it can find.

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Welcome, to New Jersey, where the powers that be don’t want to hear the truth from you.

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