Liberal College Claims Anyone Pro-Life Is A White Supremacist, Bans Christian Club

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In 1873, Johns Hopkins, a Quaker, bequeathed money to found Johns Hopkins University. This devout man would have been surprised to learn that the institution he founded is so pro-abortion that the Student Government Association (“SGA”) compared Voice for Life, a pro-Life student group, to white supremacists and refused to acknowledge it as an official club.

According to Kristan Hawkins, president of Students for Life of America, the SGA stated that it was denying the pro-Life official recognition “because the students on the student council felt being pro-life violates their harassment policy.”  That the SGA says this is peculiar, given that the university’s student conduct code highlights each student’s obligation “to protect the university as a forum for the free expression of ideas.” Moreover, the university’s sexual harassment policy states explicitly that

Fundamental to the University’s purpose is the free and open exchange of ideas. It is not, therefore, the University’s purpose, in promulgating this policy to inhibit free speech or the free communication of ideas by members of the academic community.

The SGA, however, doesn’t think Life of America is just any student group, seeking to save the unborn. According to emails Fox News obtained, members of the SGA believe that pro-Life people are white supremacists – a singular irony considering that abortion organizations such as Planned Parenthood were founded by eugenicists determined to wipe out non-white races and it still disproportionately provides abortion services for blacks. Thus, one SGA member, pointing to an article about white supremacists, editorialized “And this is why we don’t approve groups like Voice for Life.”  At least they didn’t beat up Voice for Life members. Had they been grandmothers outside of a Planned Parenthood clinic, they might not have been so lucky.

Meet the SGA’s governing body:

Worse, the student newspaper, The Johns Hopkins News-Letter refuses to challenge the ruling, saying that banning a club based upon its members’ beliefs is not “a question of free speech.” Instead, the newspaper’s editorial board says that “[s]tudents at a private university on University-owned grounds should not be forced to view images of fetuses on school property.” It’s okay to encouraging killing the fetuses; it’s just not okay to let anyone know that these killings are taking place. Somewhere along the line, the students on the school paper apparently missed out on Free Speech 101 – probably because, for so-called liberals, free speech doesn’t include disagreement. One also wonders why they care, since pro-abortion folks believe a fetus is less meaningful than an adult pig.

The sad truth is that, in the world of liberal education, the only voice allowed on campuses is Planned Parenthood’s.  Everyone else is shut up or kicked out.

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