Public Outrage As Obamacare Is Used For Illegal Alien Voter Registration

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Democrats have one primary goal.  They want the one essential ingredient for carrying out their other plans (such as undermining the Second Amendment or socializing the economy). This goal is to get voters, enough voters that the Democrat Party will have a perpetual majority. It buys illegal immigrants by promising them free food, putting them on welfare, and subsidizing the same education Americans can no longer afford. Democrats know that, once amnesty occurs, the immigrants will vote Democrat. In the same way, Democrats demonizes conservative blacks (such as the recent vile attacks against Dr. Benjamin Carson) because, as Col. Allen West said, they can’t risk losing control over a black community that has been brainwashed through welfare and victim politics into voting Democrat.

Watch a Democrat party operative engage in fraud to get more Obama votes:

Now the Democrats are using ObamaCare itself as a way to get as many people as possible to register for the Democrat Party. They let the cat out of the bag when they included in the draft online application for ObamaCare a question asking if applicants would like to register to vote – and then making it easy to do so if they answered “yes.”

This was no accident, nor was it a simple courtesy to make life a little easier for Americans who wish to fulfill their civic responsibilities. This was just the most visible sign of what ObamaCare has been all along: bait to hook Democrat voters. Writing at The American Spectator, David Catron explains what’s really going on:

By now, however, it should be obvious to the meanest intelligence that PPACA [ObamaCare] is, and always has been, a vote-buying scheme. And what’s the use of a vote-buying scheme that doesn’t steer potential Democrats to voter registration forms?


Obamacare was never going to reform health care and everyone paying attention knew it. Thus, its only conceivable purpose was to enable the Democrat party to dominate American politics. It would accomplish this by creating an entitlement upon which millions would come to depend and it would provide a custom-made mechanism for recruiting millions of new Democrat voters — the exchanges. Obamacare’s authors knew these “marketplaces” would be perfect for exploiting the Voter Registration Act of 1993.

You’re never going to get the cheaper, higher quality healthcare the Democrats promised. But the Democrats are going to get what they intended all along: more Democrat voters.

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