6 Gun Companies Fighting Back Against Gun Control, For Your Rights

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The Second Amendment

Have you noticed that, in the gun control debate, the hypocrites are all on the gun grab side? They’re the ones, like the Mayor of Wilmington, Delaware, who carry guns; or like the newspaper that publishes the addresses of gun owners, but hides behind armed guards; or like Sen. Dianne Feinstein, the most aggressive pro-gun control member of the Senate, who’s boasted about her own concealed carry; or like Jim Carrey, they say obscene things about gun owners only to admit that they have guards for themselves; or, of course, like the President, his family, and his political associates, who live surrounded by armed guards.

You know who aren’t hypocrites? Gun manufacturers, that’s who. For them, guns aren’t just about profit, they’re about principle. And when this principle comes under attack, these patriotic Americans are willing to put profit aside so that they can take a stand to defend the Second Amendment. (In this way, they’re distinct from all the Fortune 500 companies that market themselves as green. Most couldn’t care less, but they know that “going green” let’s them keep the really important green stuff – money – coming in.)

Gun manufacturers understand that our right to bear arms holds second place in the Bill of Rights because it is the only way to protect those rights in the First Amendment: Freedom of Speech, Freedom of Worship, Freedom of the Press. The only thing that can take away these God-given, inherent freedoms, is government, and the Second Amendment is there to keep the government in its place, as the peoples’ servant, not their master.

So, here’s a list of some of the most honorable companies in America, companies that willingly put principle ahead of profit or convenience.

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