Veteran Threatened With Arrest For Questioning Gun Ban

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In Obama’s Kingdom, any veteran who dares to verbally question an elite politician on gun control legislation is now considered a criminal and will face arrest and possible imprisonment. This month, U.S. Navy veteran Geoff Ross merely picked up his phone (so hostile, I know) and called Connecticut Governor Daniel P. Malloy’s office with a few questions about the state’s new ban on large capacity ammunition magazines and so-called “assault” weapons.

Ross asked Malloy’s office questions such as: “Do the Governor and his staff own guns themselves?” and “Does the Governor’s office understand the reason behind the 2nd Amendment?” To these perfectly rational and peaceful questions, the Governor’s aids replied that it was: “none of his damn business.” When Ross was persistent and kept calling, Malloy’s aids hung up on him FIVE TIMES and ultimately an aid named Melissa threatened him by saying that she would send the police after him if he did not stop speaking out.

Elites like Malloy could care less about the fact that U.S. veterans such as Ross are far more experienced at using tools of self-defense like rifles than politicians who have never worked a day in their life outside of politics. And Mallow could care less about the fact that Ross has a 1st Amendment right to free speech and a 2nd Amendment right to bear arms and a 5th Amendment right to due process. Because the only thing politicians like Malloy care about is CONTROL.

ktIf you would like to get involved and help defend the constitutional rights of U.S. Veterans who have served our country, you can call Gov. Malloy’s office at 1.800.406.1527. Please feel free to express your concerns about the way his office treats veterans. Ultimately, if you do not speak up like Ross and defend your rights to free speech, private property and self-defense, no one else will. And it is far easier to make phone calls from your home than from a prison cell.

Written By Katie Kieffer — Follow Katie on Facebook Here

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