Police Officer Poll: Armed Citizens Better At Stopping Crime Than Gun Control

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A new poll reveals that our nation’s police officers feel that the Democrat’s major push for new gun bans and other anti-Second Amendment policies will be utterly ineffective for stopping crime. Instead, the poll reveals, an armed citizenry is what police really feel will make us all safer.

The poll conducted by PoliceOne.com surveyed the popular law enforcement site’s membership and got over 15,000 responding to questions that ranged from the effects of the White House’s gun-ban efforts to whether or not respondents agreed with more restrictive gun laws.

The poll found that 71 percent of the officers believed that an assault weapons bans like those Obama is trying to push through Congress would have no impact on crime. Even more stark, 95 percent said that the Democrats so-called high-capacity ammunition magazine bans were pointless and another 79 percent said universal background checks were ineffective.

A whopping 91.3 percent of the responding officers said that they were for concealed carry “without further restrictions.”

As to schools, the current focus of gun legislation in a post Sandy Hook America, 76.6 percent said that school administrators and/or teachers should be armed if properly trained.

Another interesting question asked the officers what they thought was the “biggest cause of gun violence in the UnitedStates?” There were several answers, but the biggest response was the 38 percent that felt it was a “decline in parenting and family values.”

Naturally, few of these so-called common sense gun laws will stop crazed criminals from perpetrating mass attacks on the public as the knife attacks in Texas showed only days ago.

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