HORRIFIC: Testimony That Baby ‘Screamed’ During Live-Birth Abortion

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The Old Media establishment is refusing to cover this outrageous story of an abortion mill that killed babies born alive and in new testimony this week a worker at Kermit Gosnell’s abortion clinic said that she witnessed the abortion of a baby born alive that chillingly started screaming when the devious doctor aborted it.

In testimony, abortion clinic employee Sherry West described the incident saying that it “really freaked me out.”

West told the court that the baby in question was 18 to 24 inches long when it had been ripped out of its mother’s womb. In a gruesome sight, the baby’s face and hands had not fully formed, but the baby was alive and moving when it was discarded onto a glass tray.

The baby began to wail as it proceeded to die alone on the cold glass tray and emitted a sound that West said was “like a little alien.” The sound caused her to run from the room in horror.

West claimed that workers called the aborted babies “specimens” because it was mentally easier to deal with killing them.

Gosnell had few such qualms. Apparently neither does Planned Parenthood which recently demanded that it be allowed a right to “post-birth abortion.”

The nurse was being paid on a cash-only basis by Doctor Gosnell because she had lost a previous job due to a nervous breakdown. West was also on the anti-anxiety drug Prozac and was diagnosed with Hepatitis C, a virulent disease that should have barred her from delivering medical services to anyone.

The trial of Doctor Gosnell, accused of performing thousands of illegal abortions for years, has been a horror show that isn’t for the squeamish. Gosnell’s favorite way of killing infants was apparently to shove a pair of sharp scissors into the baby’s skull to cut the spinal cord in half.

1 million abortions are performed every year in the US, that is more than 3,000 every single day.

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