Depressed? NY Is Confiscating Your Guns

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Do you cope with anxiety or mild depression? Do you see a medical professional or a therapist? If so, cling to your guns. And cling fast.

This is no conspiracy theory. New York’s Pistol Permit Department is beginning to revoke the weapons and handgun licenses of New York residents with no history of violence or criminal record.

The law offices of James D. Tresmond, Esq. are confirming that the NYPPD is violating the 2nd, 4th, 5th and 14th Amendment rights of individual New Yorkers who are responsibly seeking treatment for their anxiety and have no criminal record whatsoever.

You have a constitutional and natural right to bear arms. You do not need to “earn” this right. You have the right to buy and own a gun because you are a human and because you are an American citizen.

What exactly do New York politicians actually do all day long? They sit around scheming ways to keep their pointless jobs. These schemes result in ordinances banning you from drinking or selling super-sized sugary sodas, even though food stamp recipients may purchase soda with taxpayer dollars (think Mayor Bloomberg). And they ban you from owning guns by calling them assault rifles (think Gov. Cuomo).

You and I need to kick these politicians out. And, with thugs like this holding office, you need your guns more than ever.


And wait. One more point: Doesn’t this all scream of hypocrisy? Just how mentally “stable” are the minds of politicians these days in comparison to the average person who might take a pill or see a therapist to treat their depression? Mark Sanford. Bill Clinton. Anthony Weiner. Apparently hiking the Appalachians, smoking cigars, caressing silky blue dresses and direct-messaging on Twitter are gateway drug activities that loop up politicians. Maybe the government should ban irresponsible politicians from carrying guns before they ban respectable citizens like you.

Written By Katie Kieffer – Follow Katie on Facebook Here

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