Gay Radio Host Insists Gay Youngsters Must Reject Christian Parents

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Extremist satellite radio yacker Michelangelo Signorile is at it again, this time telling gay teenagers that they must reject their own parents if those parents refuse to accept homosexuality.

Signorile took to Huffington Post to complain that Rep. Matt J. Salmon (R-Ariz.) is still staunchly against homosexuality despite that his son, Matt R., is gay. Signorile doesn’t much care that Rep. Salmon is a devoutly religious Mormon.

The satellite radio host went on to say that parents that reject homosexuality are by necessity rejecting their own children and illicitly connects that rejection of their kid’s behavior to the act of actually throwing them out of the house. As if every parent that feels homosexuality is a sin would by necessity throw their gay kids out of the house.

Signorile doesn’t see any way that a parent can reject homosexuality even while still loving their children. He proclaims this impossible saying that there is no difference between rejecting the behavior and rejecting the whole person.

Of course, what Signorile is saying is that one can’t reject what one sees as a sin without hating the sinner. But that isn’t what any western religion teachers. Christianity, even Mormonism teachers believers to reject the sin, but love the sinner. And when that “sinner” is flesh and blood, that tenet is all the more important.

But this isn’t good enough for the militant Signorile. Says the radio talker:

Those parents who do not move on the issue, who reject their children, either by literally throwing them out of their homes or by saying, “I love you, but I don’t accept your ‘lifestyle,'” are putting themselves above their children. For young people in that situation, living as second-class citizens in their own families and fooling themselves into thinking that their parents love them (because they so much want that love from their parents) while allowing their parents to quietly condemn them each and every day, even as they grow into adulthood, the rejection eats away at their self-esteem.

To Signorile, this all means that homosexual kids must reject their own parents if those parents don’t fully toe the line presented by the militant homosexual lobby.

This is of a piece, though, with the sort of hate that homosexual militants such as Signorile teach. One is not allowed to disagree with Signorile and his ilk. One must fully, 100% support his ideas or you are branded a hater even of your own children.

Take, for instance, the recent TV show Wife Swap where a conservative Christian family was made to look bad because they stood against gay marriage and polyandry.

This isn’t the only time radio host Signorile has courted hatemongering, either. During the past presidential election, Signorile had a gay conservative Romney supporter call his show and the host told the young man that he should commit suicide because he is a gay conservative,

“Go to the drug store, there are plenty of things you can get, it’ll put you to sleep really, really easily. Ok? Cuz that would be a better way than the convoluted, twisted way you’re doing it, right? you’re stabbing yourself, uh, right in the back.”

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