Crazed racist destroys pro-Life display at Ohio State

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One of Planned Parenthood’s dirtiest secrets (and this doesn’t count its publicly stated support for murder) is that Margaret Sanger, its founder, did not create Planned Parenthood so that women could be freed from the burdens of endless pregnancies or so that they could enjoy consequence-free sex (although she saw that the latter as a pleasant byproduct of her efforts). Instead, her primary goal was to purify the Anglo-Saxon race. Unlike Hitler, she did not call for killing minorities already living in America. She wanted to achieve her purification goal by ensuring that they had no babies. Her methods were birth control, sterilization, and abortion.

Of birth control, she wrote that its purpose was “to create a race of thoroughbreds.” Who were these thoroughbreds? Well, they weren’t blacks, non-Anglo-Saxon immigrants, or poor people, all of whom she referred to on various occasions as “human weeds” and “reckless breeders,” engaged in “spawning . . . human beings who never should have been born.” While she meant it to be a secret to prevent rebellion, she explicitly stated that her goal was “to exterminate the Negro population.”

Planned Parenthood has buried Sanger’s ugly racist, eugenicist goals under a steaming pile of feminism, but it still operates under her principles. How else can one explain that research shows that 79% of those Planned Parenthood clinics that offer abortion are located within walking distance of minority (black or Hispanic) communities? Planned Parenthood claims, of course, that it is simply serving “poor” communities, but the fact it is part of an abortion movement that has killed thirteen million black fetuses since 1973.

Think about those numbers as you watch this short video, which shows a woman violently ripping apart pro-Life signs set up on the lawn at Ohio State University. She is not offended by the images of dismembered fetuses. She is offended by the thought of saving the “wrong” lives:

If that gal’s words went by too quickly, this is what she said:

You want an overpopulated earth and you want to keep paying taxes for babies that are born to crack heads?! You really want that? Do you really want a population of people that were born on drugs? That are born into welfare? You want to keep paying for that shit? ‘Cause I don’t.

Crack heads? Born on drugs? Born into welfare? The mainstream media had made very clear for more than twenty-years that these are problems that are uniquely horrible in the black community. This woman wasn’t talking about any babies; she was talking about black babies.

Margaret Sanger couldn’t have phrased it better herself. As Pastor Clenard Childress, Jr. said, “The most dangerous place for an African-American is in the womb.”

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