15 Year Old Girl Shocks Politicians With Passionate Argument For Gun Rights

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“Out of the mouths of babes” isn’t just a meaningless expression.  When applied to an unnamed 15-year-old girl in Maryland who testified about the importance of the Second Amendment and the havoc wreaked by gun control, “out of the mouths of babes” refers to a clear-eyed, rational, logic statement that explains the benefits that arms confer on law-abiding citizens, and the ineffectiveness of gun control laws that only harm, not help, those most likely to be victimized by gun crime.

Speaking quickly and smoothly, the unnamed young woman spelled out some important facts. She began by explaining that, because of her prowess with a Bushmaster rifle, she has scholarship opportunities to prestigious universities.  Gun control would have denied her these educational opportunities.

Handling guns in a safe, respectful way, has taught her that guns are a tool, not a problem:

Purging our society of violence and murder cannot be done through gun-control legislation. By signing this legislation you’re not signing away gun violence but, instead, are liberating American citizens of our constitutional rights. You’re not eliminating guns from society but eliminating our ability to protect our life, liberty and pursuits of happiness.

Then, speaking in legislators’ own language, the young woman threw in statistics.  In Chicago, Obama’s former stomping grounds and home to the most restrictive gun crime laws in the nation, “it is currently more than twice as likely for you to be killed in Chicago is in the Afghani war.”  Worse than that, none of the gun control laws being bandied about in the various legislatures would change these grim numbers.  “Even of those 3,371 [who died from guns in Chicago], only 37 were killed with a rifle, which is barely one percent, Ninety-eight percent were killed with a handgun, so creating gun control legislation that targets assault rifles has statistically proven to only weed out less than one percent of the problem — if you’re lucky.”

Moreover, she said, effectively answering Rand Paul’s demand that legislators prove that all their “registration” demands will stop gun crime, “none of the guns used in the Chicago shootings were registered or licensed to the people who used them.”  Likewise, the absence of guns does not stop evil.  “On December 14, 2012, the same day as the Sandy Hook shooting, in central China, a man stabbed twenty two children and one adult. Guns are not needed for mass murder and robbing American citizens of our rights to own them won’t solve anything.”

Although she mentioned neither race nor racism, it was quite clear that the young woman was speaking out on behalf of beleaguered African Americans victimized by the gun control laws applied from above by Democrat legislatures that have been hostile to armed blacks since at least the Civil War.

You must also consider the fact that the majority of gun violence occurs in low-income neighborhoods. Raising the overall cost of owning a gun through higher licensing and registration fees denies the ability of low income individuals to protect themselves against the crime focused in the areas they live in. Passing this legislation would be discriminating against these lower income individuals who are actually at a high-risk of being victimized in crimes.

This composed, pretty patriot and scholar wrapped up her statement to the Maryland Legislature by pointing out the profoundly unconstitutional nature of any gun control laws they sought to enact:

To abolish or severely limit the right of the Maryland residents as a whole to bear arms, which is the intent of the proposed legislation, is essentially to defeat the purpose of our own U.S. Constitution. The entire foundation of the United States was formed on the principle that the government — our government — is a government of the people, for the people, by the people, and taking away the people’s right to bear arms is taking away the people’s power in the government. The Second Amendment, which grants the citizens the right to secure their natural rights, is the backbone of our democratic society. I hope you all consider these points as you go to vote on this or any other control bills.

Perhaps the former Constitutional law professor and Chicago organizer now occupying the White House should tear himself away from his golf game for a few minutes, to watch this young lady speak.  Were he to do so, he might not be quite so anxious to strip away American gun rights by whatever means possible.

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