Rand Paul Challenges Obama: “Call Me If Any of Your Reforms Would Have Saved Those Kids at Sandy Hook”

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Normal people view tragic massacres like Sandy Hook with sadness and feel for the people whose lives will never be the same after losing someone they love. On the other hand, many liberals hear about events like Sandy Hook and think, “I bet we can really exploit the deaths of those children to push our agenda!”

Rand Paul People who care about their Second Amendment rights have been pointing out again and again that no gun control measure on the table in Congress would have done anything to stop the Sandy Hook massacre. In fact, the only proposal that has been made so far that could conceivably have made a difference was the NRA’s suggestion that we should put armed guards in every school. While there are certainly drawbacks and flaws to that option, at least it’s a serious suggestion that might stop the next Adam Lanza from hurting children in a school.

However, liberals have waved that idea off because they don’t care about preventing another Sandy Hook; they only care about taking guns away from law abiding Americans.

Well finally, someone in Congress is calling out Barack Obama for his sleazy exploitation of the Sandy Hook tragedy and the ineffectiveness of the gun control proposals he’s backing.

“I think it’s a mistake for either side to politicize this. The president uses them as a back drop and drama for getting some kind of political will. But, my question to the president is, ‘Call me if any of your reforms would have saved those kids at Sandy Hook.’ If anything he’s proposing would have changed the outcome I’ll listen to him.”

Way to give ’em hell, Rand!

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