Rand Paul Wants To Stop $2 Billion Of Your Tax Dollars From Going To Egypt Every Year

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Sen. Rand Paul has figured out something: money is not just a carrot, it’s a stick. The White House keeps paying bad actors in the hopes that they’ll be nice to America and her allies. Rand Paul is saying that America should withhold payment from bad actors until they straighten up and fly right. A perfect example of Sen. Rand Paul’s belief that we should stop bribing unfriendly countries is Egypt.

America has sent money to Egypt for decades, in large part as a reward to President Sadat and his successor, President Mubarak, for keeping the peace with Israel under the Camp David Accords. When Egyptians arose against Mubarak, Obama encouraged them to kick his former ally out of office, and then continued to send them money. And when the Egyptians elected as president Mohammed Morsi, a Muslim Brotherhood member, Obama continued to send Egypt money.

Egyptians storm embassy walls

On the eve of Obama’s decision to send an F-16 fighter jet to Egypt, Sean Hannity summarized into whose hands that jet would end up:

Mohammed Morsi is a Muslim Brotherhood member, he’s a 9/11 truther, he’s called the Israelis descendents of apes and pigs, he’s called them vampires and killers and he’s also said, he stands with the Palestinians.

He also told an Iranian news agency that he will reconsider the Camp David Accord and he pushed through a Sharia focused constitution. One more thing, Mr. President, he called you a liar and America the enemy.

More than that, chimed in Rudy Giuliani, Egypt has not real need for those weapons.  It’s not threatened by any of its Arab or Muslim neighbors. It’s also not threatened by Israel, which stands by the Camp David accords.  The only reason it could have for the weapons is to destroy Israel:

Explain to me where Egypt is threatened. Egypt is not threatened by Saudi Arabia, Egypt is not threatened by Iran, Egypt is not threatened by Russia, China, the United States. What conceivable reason would they have for these jets other than to do to protect themselves theoretically against Israel or to help Iran in some kind of action against Israel.

Even for those among you who are not particularly concerned with Israel’s well-being, Morsi and his Muslim Brotherhood government should still be viewed with deep suspicion.  Morsi is a fervent supporter of the Blind Sheik, the man who masterminded the 1993 World Trade Center bombing. Giuliani gets hot under the collar just thinking about Morsi and the Blind Sheikh:

I have a particular grievance against this man [Morsi] because he wants the blind sheik released from prison, this is the man who was convicted of a conspiracy to bomb my city [in 1993]


[T]wo years later, he [the Blind Sheikh] was engaged in a conspiracy to bomb our bridges, our tunnels, and people may have forgotten this. But he was in New Jersey, he was a preacher, he is probably behind the 1993 bombing, he’s certainly guilty of a plan to bomb our bridges and our tunnels and kill thousands and thousands of New Yorkers. And this man [Morsi] who now is going to get these jet fighters wants this man released.

To sum up, Obama is giving money and arms to a nation that has put into power a man and a political party that support bombing America and that support the physical destruction of all Jews in the Middle East.

Rand Paul has had enough of this. On March 21, he introduced an amendment to a budget resolution that would enable Congress to block the President from transferring any further economic or military aid to Egypt until the current Egyptian government formally states that it will abide by the Camp David Accords.

Since 1984, the United States has provided more than $71 billion in sparsely conditioned military and economic assistance to Egypt. In addition to this, Secretary Kerry recently announced disbursement of $250 million in economic aid to Egypt. A second installment of $260 million will be granted to Egypt once the country commits to further reforms.

“The Camp David Peace Accords serve as an important symbolic and strategic international alliance. My amendment requires the U.S. government to ask Egypt one simple question – is the country willing to abide by its cornerstone agreement with the United States, and the entire Middle East? If the answer is no, then Egypt should not only be deemed unworthy of our billions in foreign assistance; it should give us cause to reconsider the Morsi government’s intentions for the peace and stability of the entire region,” Sen. Paul said.

And there you have it: When someone states that he and his nation intend to break an important promise, don’t throw money at them in the hope that they’ll stop. Instead, threaten to withhold money until they swear on a stack of their sacred books that they wouldn’t dream of breaking their promise.

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