Rush Limbaugh Says Every Liberal Is ‘Scared to Death’ Of This Man, Who May Take on Obama

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One of the things that makes Rush Limbaugh so brilliant is that he understands how Progressives and Democrats think. Right now, Rush is looking at the Left and thinking that it’s afraid, very afraid. The cause of this panic? A soft-spoken, mild-mannered pediatric neurologist named Dr. Ben Carson. According to Rush, Dr. Carson has the Democrat Party “scared to death.”

What makes Dr. Carson so scary is that he’s not the bogey-man of conservativism that the liberal media tries so hard to sell. Instead of being a wild-eyed white man who allegedly wants women barefoot, pregnant, and in the kitchen, Rush says that Dr. Carson “is able to articulate and explain conservatism in a way that is persuasive, without raising his voice at all. It sounds like your dad talking to you, not your dad, your best buddy talking to you.” Even his political attacks are politely phrased.

Dr. Benjamin Carson

The other thing that frightens Democrats about Carson, Limbaugh argues, is that it’s virtually impossible to demonize him. “Partially because of his race, but not just because he’s African-America. You can say he’s all these horrible things, then you hear him, see him and listen to him and it doesn’t click.”

Add to Carson’s gentle personality an amazing back story, and you’ve got a very frightening figure for the Left. Carson is, after all, one of the nation’s premier pediatric neurosurgeons or, as Rush said, “He saves children with his hands. He saves their little brains.” Add to that an amazing rise from a difficult, poverty-stricken childhood – complete with a wonderful mother – and it’s obvious that he’s a danger to the Left.

Whether or not Carson chooses to try for the presidency, he is now and will continue to be an extremely important figure for conservatives. He is the one who can get past the wall the mainstream media has set up in order to separate ordinary Americans from the reality of conservativism. Dr. Carson is the face of the reality the Left tries so hard to hide – hardworking, self-disciplined, self-reliant, moral, kind, and faithful. No wonder Limbaugh sees the Left running for cover (but firing some mighty ugly shots as it goes).

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