Ten Horrifying Stories of Muslims Gang Raping White Women

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In 2012, in Germany, two Muslim Turkish teens gang-raped a 16-year-old girl in a parking lot. It was an attack of almost unthinkable savagery. When they finished raping the girl, they then assaulted her with a bottle. Even when the bottle broke, they continued her attack, eventually severing her intestine and her uterus. The girl survived, but her rectum was so destroyed by the attack that physicians had to create an artificial one for her. She was also rendered sterile by the attack.

German privacy laws meant that the attack went entirely unreported in the German press.


Holland has a growing problem with a Muslim-run sex trade traffic in teen girls and young women. The road to prostitution for these girls always starts with gang rape.

The pattern is the same. The gangs are almost always operated by Dutch-born Moroccan and Turkish men. The men give their victims alcohol and drugs, use lies to separate them from their families, gang rape them (often taking photos for blackmail purposes), and then place the girls in prostitution.

Having been abused, isolated, and demeaned, the girls stay in Holland’s legal brothels, working as sex slaves for their Muslim pimps. Some of these girls are as young as 11 or 12 years old. Only the lucky few manage to escape.


Until the Muslim riots in the Paris suburbs in 2005, few people outside of France had been aware of the large Muslim population living in almost exclusively Muslim townships just outside of Paris. These banlieues had become mini-North African villages, that had high unemployment and, quite often, almost no contact with the larger French culture.

In 2012, the banlieues were in the French news again when 14 Muslim men were accused of repeatedly gang raping 2 teenage girls over a 2-year-period (from 1999 through 2001) in one of these suburbs. In her complaint, the women, known only as Nina, alleged that it had started when she was 16 and was grabbed off the streets, and subjected to scores of rapes by local boys. Nina alleged that there were always as many as 25 boys present and, despite her screaming, crying, and vomiting, they would stand in lines of as many as 50 boys to take their turn with her.

Because the boys who perpetrated these vile attacks were minors, they were all acquitted. The 4 adult men who also participated had equally ridiculous outcomes. Two went to prison for a year, one for six months, and the fourth had a suspended sentence.


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