WATCH: Sarah Palin Takes Sip From ‘Big Gulp’ Soda at CPAC Speech

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Palin Big Gulp

Sarah Palin is truly gifted when it comes to making political points. The latest example of Palin’s uncanny ability to cut to the heart of a political issue was her visual jab at New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg’s attempt to control every aspect of New Yorker’s lives by banning large, sugary drinks. A court temporarily returned sanity to New York, but Bloomberg is resolved to keep trying. Palin therefore couldn’t resist a poke.

While she was on stage at CPAC, Palin surprised the delighted audience by suddenly whipping out a “Big Gulp” soda and taking a sip. She got a standing ovation, as people roared with laughter.

Being Palin, she didn’t stop with a great visual joke. Instead, she added to it:

Oh Bloomberg’s not around, our Big Gulp is safe. We’re cool. Shoot, it’s just pop! With low-cal ice cubes in it. I hope that’s okay. What did you think was in it?

“Low-cal ice cubes.” The woman is a political genius.

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