NJ Mother Told to Turn In Guns, Accused of ‘Terroristic Threats’ After Reading Constitution at Local Tax Meeting

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Eileen Hart made a big mistake in Obama’s America: she attended a public meeting about property tax assessments and read from the Constitution. For that mistake, she was arrested in front of her terrified child, booked for making “terroristic threats,” and forced to surrender her legal weapons.

When this story first broke, those were the broad outlines.  Since then, Hart has given an interview to TheBlaze, and revealed more details about her terrifying experience.

Hart’s ordeal began when she and her husband, who are New Jersey residents, went to the Gloucester Community Center to participate in a public forum about newly required mandatory property tax assessments. Citizens were upset that Appraisal Systems, Inc. (“ASI”), the private company that New Jersey hired to carry out the assessments, was over-valuing the properties.

Hart agreed with this common concern, but also had another complaint. As an Orthodox Jewish woman, she is prohibited from having a man in the house unless her husband is also present. The ASI representative’s insistence that she allow him into her house violated her religious beliefs. Hart did not intend to refusal the appraisal; she just ask that it be done when her husband was present.

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