MSNBC Host Lashes Out Over Soda Ban Being Blocked, Says Soft Drink Companies ‘Poisoning Children’

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When a New York court overturned Michael Bloomberg’s ban on large, sugary drinks, most New Yorkers celebrated their freedom to drink whatever beverages they want. Not all were so happy. Piers Morgan instantly expressed disappointment that at this roadblock to the Mayor’s crusade to use nanny-power to force good health on people.  MSNBC “Morning Joe”’ co-host Mika Brzezinski took things to a whole new level, though, when she launched an angry attack against movie theaters and the beverage industry.

After first reporting on the court ruling, Mika started her tirade. She ranted about movie theaters selling salted popcorn solely to force movie goers to buy large drinks, and compared the soda industry to Big Tobacco. Indeed, her rhetoric was right out of the Big Tobacco playbook. The soft drink industry is “poisoning” people, it’s selling an “additive” product, the children suffer the most, and the only way to save Americans is to outlaw soda.

The Mika rant highlight reel includes the following gems:

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