In California 20,000 Illegal Aliens Went To College On Your Dollar

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For decades, American parents have struggled to find money to help fund their children’s education.  They scrimp, save, and, if everything else fails, try to get some of their own tax money back by seeking financial aid.  For many California citizens, things are about to get even order.  Thanks to new state and federal laws, 20,000 illegal aliens in California also applied for financial aid this year.  The state is therefore going to have fewer spaces at California colleges for legal citizens and less money to help them pay for education.

California’s DREAM act meant that it was one of the first states to open its institutions of higher education to illegal immigrants.  Add to that the fact that the federal government gives some of them temporary legality under its Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program and you suddenly have a huge number of new students competing with legal California residents for college admission and financial aid.

Needless to say, California’s Progressive education institutions are pleased.  UC Berkeley even has an “Undocumented Student Program” to ensure that young people who are in this country illegally get exactly the same benefits as those students who are United States citizens or legal immigrants.

Giving illegal aliens full rights to attend California’s already cash-strapped, overpriced colleges and universities doesn’t come cheap.  A study from California’s nonpartisan Legislative Analyst’s office predicts that the state will have to pony up an extra $65 million a year by 2016-2017 in order to full higher education benefits to illegal aliens.  This is a significant burden on a state that’s constantly running in the red.  California taxpayers can reasonably expect that their state tax rate, which is already the highest in the nation, will soon increase.

Worse, a new generation of fresh-faced, hard-working illegal immigrants will now be the poster children for the Progressive’s push for completely open borders.  Those who believe that America has the right to protect her borders will be shouted down with the battle cry that “It’s for the children.”  No one is going to listen when citizen taxpayers who have been squeezed dry, and who have seen college spaces and money go to illegal aliens, answer by asking “But what about our children?”  Sorry, folks, but in Progressive-land, your children just don’t count.

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