SHOCKING: DHS & Others Buy $2 Million of “No Hesitation Targets” of children, pregnant woman, and elderly holding guns

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It’s been confirmed that Law Enforcement in the Department of Homeland Security requested these “No Hesitation Targets” which depict images of a pregnant woman, children, and an elderly man holding guns – they are meant to train law enforcement to shoot at civilians holding firearms directionally pointed at them, when normally, heaven forbid – they would hesitate to shoot to kill pregnant woman, children, and elderly people.

It’s confirmed and documented they’ve ordered $2 million in these targets.

Law Enforcement Targets, Inc. manufactures targets for the DHS, the Justice Department, and apparently thousands of other law enforcement agencies.

Product Description on LET’s site:

“[H]elp the transition for officers who are faced with these highly unusual targets for the first time…[includes] pregnant woman threat… older man with shotgun… older man in home with shotgun…older woman with gun… young school aged girl…young mother on playground… [and finally]…little boy with real gun.”

Law Enforcement Targets Inc. released the following statement:

“In keeping with Law Enforcement Targets company policies, we appreciate and invite commentary and criticism about our products. We reserve the right, however, to delete any comments that are profane, vulgar, or threatening in nature. If your comment falls under any of those designations, it will be removed. Thank you for your consideration.”

Law Enforcement Targets Inc. produce and sell “No Hesitation Targets” to Law Enforcement. I have perfectly good vision, and I’m looking at the images in their targets, there’s some visible problems here…. The child is holding a “real gun” which looks just like an airsoft gun, it’s aimed straight ahead and there is no distinction between that and a toy – the pregnant woman is holding the gun straight – again, how “without hesitation” you would know it was a gun and not a T.V. remote is beyond me, and how an elderly person who might be advancing in age is supposed to know the difference between law enforcement bursting into their house and burglars, is also beyond me, but hey – he’s holding his shotgun, so, might as well “shoot him without hesitation” too!

Click here to see more targets sold to Department of Homeland Security & other government agencies for “No Hesitation” when firing on these “simulation targets”

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