Obama “I’m Not Emperor of the United States” – Are you sure?

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In the video above President Obama reminds his Liberal fan boys that he’s not Emperor of the United States but President. You’d think that he was reminding the Liberals, not being sarcastic. Obama has been over stepping his constitutional authority regularly since he became President, so was he not emperor for the day, or what was he referring to? Who knows.

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After members of ultra-liberal Code Pink couldn’t stop squawking away about world peace and testing their lung capacity to see how loudly they could scream during an official government congregation, Senator Feinstein – champion of re-writing the 2nd Amendment decided to adjourn the hearing until sufficient hippies could be removed for an actual conversation to take place.

Senator Feinstein Democrat California – seen above in a mood that can only be described as overjoyed – is the current Liberal leader besides King Barack to re-write the 2nd Amendment and ban over 150 types of firearms.

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Today the White House released a 16 page white paper in which it gave the legal defense for using drone attacks against American citizens who are deemed terrorist threats. This led many to say that this went against everything that the country stood for, since U.S. citizens are guaranteed due process in court and that this undermined their constitutional rights. In my view, the concern had far less to do with who was killed than that the government did it, and it left the door open to a very gray line to be used for future drone strikes against U.S. citizens. For example: Could the U.S. use a drone strike in an incident such as Waco, Texas as opposed to putting federal agents at risk? The questions and concerns are endless, despite the fact that the killing of at least these two individuals was deemed rather justified by most.

In September of 2011 a drone strike was used to kill U.S. born ‘Anwar al-Awlaki’, Obama gave a statement then that “The death of Awlaki is a major blow to Al Qaeda’s most active operational affiliate… He took the lead in planning and directing efforts to murder innocent Americans … and he repeatedly called on individuals in the United States and around the globe to kill innocent men, women and children to advance a murderous agenda.”

The White House defended drone strikes against individuals suspected of terrorism saying that it was legal, ethical, and wise. They further supported President Obama’s power to use drone strikes against American citizens suspected of terrorism even if intelligence fails to produce any evidence that the individual in question is plotting an attack.


Fox And Friends Question Obama Supporting Drone Strikes on Americans but Not Waterboarding

If deemed a terrorist, don’t expect due process in the court system, you’ll likely face Judge Drone
Pictured above Pakistani’s burn a U.S. flag in protest of a drone strike in January.



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