Media & Liberals Attack & Bully Conservative Newcomer Ted Cruz Calling Him McCarthyist

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Meet Texas Senator Ted Cruz – A True Conservative in D.C.

In just two short months, Ted Cruz, a newcomer to the Senate has made himself known as a Conservative in a place where many Republican politicians go with promises they never live up to. Mr. Hagel, who now may be the first nominee for Defense Secretary who faces a filibuster, is just one piece of proof that Cruz is going to shake up Washington. He demanded Hagels financial records, which he has failed to produce, and has questioned Hagel on whether he is the best candidate for Defense, Hagel has basically agreed, he’s not sure if he is either.

The result? Cruz is now being called a “McCarthyist”, he’s been called out of line by middle of the road Republicans Lindsey Graham and John McCain, but Cruz remains steadfast – he’s kept his promise to the people of Texas to represent their best interests in the Senate.

“It would be wrong to avoid speaking the truth about someone’s record and past policy positions, even if doing so inevitably subjects me to personal criticism from Democrats and the media.” said Cruz.

What has Cruz done to become Hated By Liberals & Loved By Conservatives?

  • Tangled with Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel, Rahm wrote hostile letters to national bank CEO’s telling them not to finance gun manufacturers, Cruz then wrote both the national bank & gun manufacturer CEO’s saying – I’ve got your back and Texas supports you. Click here to read Cruz’s letter.
  • 1 of 22 senators who voted against the Violence Against Women Act,
  • 1 of 34 who voted against raising America’s debt ceiling.
  • 1 of only 19 Senators who tried to cut off the sale of F-16 Fighter Jets & Abrams Tanks to Egypt which is currently controlled by the Muslim Brotherhood. This was a shocking story we previously reported on, read the details here.
  • 1 of 36 who opposed a relief package for the regions hit by Hurricane Sandy.
  • 1 of 3 senators who voted against Mr. Kerry’s confirmation saying “I was compelled to vote no on Senator Kerry’s nomination because of his longstanding less-than-vigorous defense of U.S. national security issues,”
  • 1 of 1 Senators who voted against virtually everything before him and took a stand on most everything insane D.C. has done since he came to the Senate 8 weeks ago.

In sum, Cruz is a Conservative dream come true, he’s given energy back to the party which has abandoned their roots. He’s not the only Conservative in the Senate, but for the amount he’s done in the short time he’s been there, Conservatives need to take note of this rising star.

Of course, being a true Conservative, Liberals find it intolerable, so they compare him to McCarthy — “It was really reminiscent of a different time and place, when you said, ‘I have here in my pocket a speech you made on such and such a date,’ and, of course, nothing was in the pocket… It was reminiscent of some bad times.” – said Senator Boxer in a comment, comparing Ted Cruz to McCarthy because he’s gone so far as to demand Hagels’ financial records before he becomes Secretary of Defense.

“I made promises to the people of Texas that I would come to Washington to shake up the status quo, That is what I intend to do, and it is what I have done in every way possible in the responsibilities that have been granted to me.” Cruz said in emailed answers to the New York Times.

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