Piers Morgan and Ben Shapiro exchange Personal Insults on Gun Ban Debate, Morgan Gets Destroyed

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Piers Morgan spouts off at The U.S. Constitution, with hostility calling it “little book”

Piers Morgan: “you come in, you brandish your little book”

Little Book………….. It’s called The Constitution Piers, not negotiable, period.

Go back to England and face the criminal charges you fled your country to avoid if you dislike our constitution.

That’s not how Americans view the constitution Morgan, we fought a revolution against your country because they were tyrants and Americans like freedom. If Piers Morgan doesn’t like the constitution, that’s fine – and his right, but an American “news outlet”(what CNN considers themselves) hired Piers after he fled his home country to avoid being prosecuted for a hacking scandal. Piers was hardly being “persecuted”, he did something in England which was most likely illegal here too, but as it has almost always done America took in Morgan adding one more person to the list of people effected by Terminal Entitlement Disease a condition which now effects over 128 million Americans receiving a check from the U.S. government.

Morgan gets on the air and spews inaccurate propaganda about the gun debate, he misrepresents guns and the 2nd Amendment every time CNN allows him to sit on his soapbox. Morgan doesn’t like having Conservatives on since he always gets absolutely destroyed when he tries to argue against them, he prefers to have Liberal cheerleaders repeat back to him how brilliant he is.

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