Officials Confirm Charred Remains Belong to Cop-Killer Dorner, Raw footage of cabin fire

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Charred human remains found in burned cabin belong to cop killer

Chris Dorner



Couple Held Hostage by Christopher Dorner Describe Their Ordeal


Raw footage of Dorner’s cabin burning, Dorner burned beyond recognition

Sheriff: Cabin Not Purposely Burned in Firefight

A sheriff says his deputies did not intentionally burn Dorner

(Audio proves police had elaborate plan to burn cabin using tear gas canisters)


Police Audio Reveals “Plan” to Burn Down Dorner’s Cabin
The L.A. Times reports that “incendiary tear gas” was used by police to start the fire that killed Christopher Dorner, confirming our report.
“Alright, we’re gonna go ahead with the plan with the burners”

The video above contains police audio captured by a local news team which was posted online before the police ordered them to be disabled. A SWAT team was airlifted in to conduct the final raid of the cabin.

Audio Captured between police officers who used tear gas canisters to start a fire that ended in Dorner being charred beyond recognition.
“Alright, we’re gonna go ahead with the plan with the burners”
“Like we talked about”
“The burners are deployed, and we have a fire”

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