CNN’s Carol Costello Berates and Patronizes Sheriff Cannon For Questioning Obama’s Gun Ban

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Carol Costello being an objective journalist for a “neutral” news network CNN decided to hound Sheriff Cannon for statements he made against Socialist in Chief Obama. Costello  was shocked Sheriff Cannon would be questioning the gun control agenda in the country being pushed by Obama and Feinstein. Costello (pictured in video trapped in a questionably orange sweater looking like she just escaped from a wind tunnel) peppers Sheriff Cannon with questions, and finds his answers to be shocking – he believes in the 2nd Amendment! – clearly a rare find at CNN.

Sheriff Cannon’s answers reflect a sentiment held by many in the country:

Sheriff Cannon: Government taking away guns = Bad

Violating 2nd Amendment & Bill of Rights = Bad

Violating the constitution as a law enforcement officer when you are sworn to protect it = Bad

Costello: “Oh my god you’re a radical Conservative!”

Sheriff Cannon: “Much of [the push for gun laws] is taking advantage of our grief and people’s general lack of information and understanding about firearms in general.”

True: Why? Because the majority of gun deaths are not caused by assault rifles, only around 330 out of 11,000 murders a year which involve firearms used assault rifles.

Secondly, hammers and knives cause exponentially more intentional violent deaths than firearms. Therefore, banning guns here is really just a road to being completely disarmed in short order. Stretch of the imagination? No. Why? In England they banned the guns, then people decided to go buy pocket knives and start stabbing one another… How is the English government reacting? They are pursuing legislation to ban pocket knives. What will they ban after that? Forks? Then spoons? You never know, you could poke someones eye out! Or scoop it. Whatever.

Costello grunts back: “But here’s the thing. As a law enforcement officer, you, sir, are responsible for enforcing the laws, not determining if they are constitutional.”

Mr. Conservative to Costello: No. Incorrect. Law enforcement officers and soldiers under the employ of the American government take an oath to defend the constitution of the United States, NOT to take orders. Orders are given by the power hungry, and the power hungry care more about amassing more power than following by the constitution, you know… it can be quite limiting… I think that’s the point of it?

Sheriff Cannon: “That’s not exactly right… I am an attorney, by the way.” (Forget it Sheriff, she’s a Liberal, she was born with a higher understanding of law than any mere mortal Conservative could hope to achieve.

Costello: “Bla bla bla bla bla, but what are you going to do when King Obama passes the gun ban? Aren’t you going to follow his unconstitutional decrees and help to enforce the ban of firearms which citizens need to defend themselves against the skyrocketing violence in todays society?”

Sheriff Cannon: “I have a military background… You’re also obligated not to follow an unlawful order. They will tell you that. Any general that you talk to will tell you.”

Costello: “Wow Sheriff, you have a law degree, served in the military, actually know how to use a firearm, and have a clear understanding of the constitution – I didn’t realize how silly my position was.” Just kidding! A Liberal would never admit they’re wrong.

Sheriff Cannon: Thanks for taking a stand on the 2nd Amendment. Sorry about Costello, she’s probably angry she works for the Communist News Network(C.N.N.)

But, in somewhat exciting, strange, and badass news it seems like there’s a bunch of Sheriffs that are standing up to Obama on the gun ban issue. A handful of them wrote a letter to Vice-President Biden basically saying they thought Obama was drastically over reaching with a gun ban.

Introducing: Badass Sheriffs Standing Up To Obama

Sheriff Mueller – Wrote a letter to VP-Biden saying he wouldn’t enforce the gun ban, and would stop federal agents that tried to in his county.


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Sheriff Clarke doesn’t like the idea of a gun ban, but did suggest to citizens in his county they should buy guns to protect themselves. To think! Naturally the Mainstream Media is declaring war on him.

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“The United States Supreme Court has ruled that when a sheriff chooses to enforce an unconstitutional directive, he is violating his Constitutional Oath. I will NOT violate my constitutional oath.”

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Benzie County Sheriff Ted Schendel (Video Below)


Texas Congressman Steven Stockman has said he will move to impeach Obama if he proceeds with these executive actions.

Sheriff Mueller in Oregon wrote a letter to Biden saying he will not enforce any of Obama’s unconstitutional laws

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