Home Depot Doesn’t Support the 2nd Amendment, Kicked Out Veteran

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Via Lord What Fools

Did Home Depot make a mistake when denying law abiding citizens with concealed carry permits the right to carry in their stores? Yes. A big mistake. I consider Home Depot anti-American (just like Buffalo Wild Wings) with their decision. It seems they had no sign BUT does anyone think a SIGN is going to stop a criminal from carrying a gun into their store? Management is, as the saying goes, “one blade shy of a sharp edge”.

Let’s hope more law abiding, concealed carry permit citizens do just as this man did.

Dear Home Depot:

Tonight I discovered the Home Depot does not support the 2nd Amendment, and the right to bear arms.

I was shopping with my wife, and 7 year old daughter, picking out paint colors for our new home. We had several items in our cart, and were having our paint shaken when a store associate approached me and asked to speak to me. He asked me to remove my weapon from the store, as Home Depot is a “weapon free zone.” I quietly said that I would find another place to shop, and left the store. On my way out the door I checked just to make sure, and sure enough, there was no sign on your door stating no firearms allowed.

I am an Air Force veteran, and possess a valid license to carry a concealed weapon within the state of Iowa. So I left the Home Depot and drove down to my local Mendards store, where they had no problem with my legal carry of a weapon. You can see from the receipt below that you missed out on a fair chunk of money, and this is just the first trip of many as we renovate our newly purchased home. I will also make sure to let everyone I know, that the Home Depot doesn’t support the 2nd Amendment, and somehow believes that criminals will follow their “no weapon zone.”

UPDATE: Calls to Home Depot’s main office have been returned with the answer along the lines of: This story is true, a Home Depot employee made a mistake, Home Depot’s actual store policy is to allow such authorized carry. In my book, they messed up, until I hear the employee has been fired and the veteran has been apologized to the story stays up.

This email reply was received from Home Depot by an inquirer:

Good afternoon: Thank you for your note. Our policy is that we do not prohibit anyone who is legally permitted to carry firearms from entering our stores, provided the firearms are carried in compliance with applicable laws and regulations.

I’m sorry some of the store associates your colleagues spoke with were not familiar with our position.

Steve Holmes
Senior Manager
Corporate Communications & External Affairs
The Home Depot


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