Extreme Liberal Elizabeth Warren Failing With Massachusetts Independents

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In what liberals consider the most important race of this election cycle, they are finding their hand picked liberal champion is absolutely failing with independents.

In a recent poll Scott Brown is leading Elizabeth Warren by 9% overall in heavily Democratic Massachusetts, but even more promising for the Conservatives… Scott Brown is pummeling Warren with independents, opening up a 32% advantage.

Elizabeth Warren is a champion for Government control and socialism in America. Advocating for forced abortion coverage for Catholic employers against their faith, as well as arguing that the government is responsible for any person’s business accomplishments.

To make matters worse Elizabeth Warren has been exposed multiple times as a complete hypocrite. She has consistently blamed the wealthy in America for causing the Obama administration’s failed economic policies, while at the same time denying the fact she is in the .001% of income earners. She also claims to be a tireless advocate for consumer’s, while once representing insurance companies in denying asbestos victims compensation for their injuries.

It’s no suprise liberals are willing to overlook her glaringly obvious problems in order to elect what would be the most extreme liberal ever elected to the United States Senate.

The good news, Independents and Conservatives in Massacusetts aren’t buying what Warren is selling.

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