The FDA’s Amish Farmer Fresh Milk Raid

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America today… force taxpayers to pay for Government officials vacations, but decide you want the same milk our grandparents drank and be ready to face the fury of a taxpayer funded sting operation. The federal government is now raiding Amish farmers at gunpoint all over a basic human right to eat natural food.

The Food and Drug Administration, which launched a full investigation complete with a 5 a.m. surprise inspection and a straw-purchase sting operation against Daniel Allgyer’s Rainbow Acres Farm, said unpasteurized milk is unsafe and it was exercising its due authority to stop sales of the milk from one state to another.

Adding to Mr. Allgyer’s troubles, Judge Lawrence F. Stengel said that if the farmer is found to violate the law again, he will have to pay the FDA’s costs for investigating and prosecuting him.

America must put an end to the over regulation and an out of control big government.

A citizen can’t sell fresh milk across the PA state lines. But a Government official can sell illegal guns across the border in Mexico. Just as DoJ Eric Holder how he enjoys working for the Government…

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