Queen Rania Puts Michelle Obama To Shame With THIS


May 26, 2016 12:57pm PST

After seven years of Michelle Obama being our first lady, it’s easy for Americans to forget that a country can be represented by a woman who is the epitome of grace, beauty, and elegance. However, those qualities can all be used to described the amazing Queen Rania of Jordan.

According to Daily Mail, the 45 year-old royal turned heads in a way Michelle can only dream of this week when she attended a special celebration to mark her country’s 70th year of independence at Amman’s Raghadan Palace. The queen wore a breathtaking gown designed by Jordanian-Palestinian label Hama Fashion.



When Michelle Obama appears at events such as this one, she always tries to make it all about herself as she pushes her own ridiculous agendas. Queen Rania takes a very different approach, however, remaining relatively quiet as she makes sure the celebration focuses on the people of Jordan instead of herself.


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