Dolly Parton Risks Everything To Defy Major Obama Agenda


April 27, 2016 8:18am PST

Ever since the state of North Carolina passed their controversial “bathroom bill” that many feel is anti-transgender, countless performers have cancelled their shows in the state out of solidarity with the LGBT community. Dolly Parton, however, is refusing to submit to Obama’s latest agenda so easily.

According to Taste of Country, Parton has just released the dates of her Dolly Parton Pure & Simple Tour, which will be her biggest tour in over 20 years. The tour kicks off on June 3 with a performance in Greensboro, North Carolina, and despite the backlash she is receiving, Parton is refusing to cancel it.

“I have no plans to cancel the show,” Parton tells the Winston-Salem Journal, adding that doesn’t necessarily mean she intends to ignore the issue. “I believe that everybody ought to be treated with respect, but I feel we will serve better from the stage. I don’t like to get caught up in controversial issues. I will address whatever I need to from the stage.”

Back in March, North Carolina Governor Patrick McCrory infuriated liberals everywhere when he signed House Bill 2, which requires transgender people to use the public restroom assigned to their biological sex as stated on their birth certificate. ABC News reported that critics have slammed other parts of the bill as well that “barred local municipalities from creating their own rules prohibiting discrimination in public places based on sexual orientation and gender identity.”

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