Hitman Tries To Kill Marine – Gets A BRUTAL Dose Of Reality


April 22, 2016 8:11am PST

Erick “El Marino Loko — The Hammer or Sr.Thor” Morales Guevara is a Mexican Marine who is making a name for himself by arresting some of the worst hitmen in Mexico.

According to Right Wing News, Guevara is so efficient that cartel members fear the day he knocks on their doors. That’s because Guevara doesn’t only capture the criminals, he also humiliates them.

In the underworld of Mexico, masculinity and manliness are everything. That’s why the thugs Guevara captures are humiliated when he dresses them in lingerie and forces them to publicly kiss each other.


Though some say Guevara goes too far, we think these thugs are getting exactly what they deserve. SHARE if you agree!


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