Obama’s ‘Refugees’ Pull Up To Woman At KFC – What They Do Next Left Her Near Death


April 7, 2016 2:06pm PST

President Obama is constantly claiming that his precious Muslim “refugees” are peaceful people that only want to assimilate into our culture. A newly-surfaced story, however, proves this is not the case at all.

On November, 26, 2009, 30 year-old Michelle Pavey headed to her local KFC to pick up an order for her boyfriend. It was then that a car full of five asylum seekers pulled up next to her a strange question, and it was these sickening words that led to her being brutally gang-raped and beaten.

Only now coming forward, Pavey told the Daily Mail that she was at first startled when the men approached her, but this soon turned to panic as they became more aggressive. She explained that the men heckled her from their silver Mondeo, requesting that she have sex with all 5 of them for just $14.

“I didn’t have a clue what they were saying but then one phrase came very clear through the cacophony of voices — ‘£10 for all of us?’” he yelled in English. “£10 for sex?”

The proposition amounted to less than $3 apiece, a sickening offer that they weren’t about to let her refuse. Pavey told the men to leave her alone, but they continued to drive alongside her, laughing and making comments in a foreign language. Instead of taking “no” for an answer, the men jumped out of the vehicle and forced the woman into the footwell of the car.

“I heard the car doors swing open and before I knew it, three of the men had jumped out of the back seat and dragged me inside.”

After driving to a nearby park, the gang dragged the woman from the car, pinned her down on the grass, and took turns raping her. Pavey tried to fight off her attackers, but she was kicked and held by her arms.

“Pain tore through me as the first man climbed on top of me and brutally raped me. I shouted and screamed but nobody heard me. The gang were like a pack of wolves, egging each other on as the second man unzipped his trousers and forced himself on me.”

By the time the third refugee took his turn raping her, Pavey says she was too exhausted to fight any longer. Instead of resisting, she turned her focus to a light shining on the horizon — it was a church, on which she attempted to concentrate in an effort to mentally remove herself from the horrific situation.

After the fifth man had finished assaulting her, they sped away in their car, leaving her battered, naked body in the park.

“Adrenaline had been coursing through my veins but now, as I lay motionless, I realised how cold it was. But I couldn’t move. I was badly bruised and sore and emotionally, I just couldn’t think. I couldn’t get my head around what had just happened. For half an hour, I lay on the cold grass before I pulled myself up. The monsters had taken my phone, jacket and trousers – but they’d left my pajama bottoms, so I pulled them back on.”

Pavey managed to stagger home, immediately telling her boyfriend what happened and contacting police. Weeks later, an officer told her that they had caught one of the rapists, but the other 4 had left the country. The apprehended asylum seeker was none other than 19-year-old Ahadullah Khughiani, an Afghan migrant who had been living on government benefits.

The DNA Pavey provided from the incident led to Khughiani’s conviction — a mere 8 years in prison and deportation back to Afghanistan. After serving only half his sentence, he was deported out the UK.

“I wasn’t going to let him scare me anymore but when it came to it, he didn’t show a shred of remorse,” Ms Pavey said. “He was laughing and even making jokes in court. I was furious. What happened that night has left me with a life sentence. I still can’t believe a trip to the takeaway ended in such terror. I want to show women there is light at the end of the tunnel and you can get justice. I’m not a victim – I’m a survivor.”

Although the authorities believe that the other four rapists have fled the country, it is most likely that the Muslim community is hiding them in their midst, just as they did with the Paris jihadists, Pamela Geller reminds.

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