ISIS Releases New Beheading Video In Chilling Message To America


March 31, 2016 6:41am PST

ISIS has released a horrifying new video showing a militant beheading three hostages in the middle of a busy street in Iraq.

According to Daily Mail, the size of the terrorist has led to speculation that he is the 20-stone monster known only as the Bulldozer, who is known as one of ISIS’s most ruthless executioners. However, unlike this terrorist, the Bulldozer has always hid his identity on camera.


Before beheading the Kurdish prisoners kneeling in front of him, the executioner is shown ranting to the camera, threatening both the Kurdish Peshmerga forces attacking IS and the Kurdish president Masoud Barzani.

This footage is a clear message to the US, as it shows ISIS has no intention of slowing down despite what we say. They have made it clear that if they get their hands on any Americans, they will kill them in an even worse way than the beheading shown in this video.

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