Michelle Obama Claims Men Find Her ‘Sexy’ – Then Gets A Brutal Surprise


March 24, 2016 12:07pm PST

Michelle Obama is known as one of the ugliest, most classless first ladies we have ever had. That’s why millions of viewers all over the world knew Michelle was lying on Thursday when she claimed that men used to whistle at her in a sexual manner when she walked down the street.

Yeah right, Moochelle.

As I got older, I found that men would whistle at me as I walked down the street, as if my body were their property, as if I were an object to be commented on instead of a full human being with thoughts and feelings of my own,” Michelle said during a speech in Argentina, according to Daily Mail

“I began to realize that the hopes I had for myself were in conflict with the messages I was receiving from people around me,” she added as she promoted her Let Girls Learn initiative.

Here are some of Michelle’s “sexiest” photos that may have gotten her whistled at.





hallow surprise_thumb[10]

Nice try, Michelle, but nobody is buying that you were EVER anything close to a sex symbol!


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