Muslim ‘Refugees’ Demand Woman Wear Headscarf, But She Refuses – What Happens Next Is Horrifying


February 26, 2016 1:23pm PST

Obama constantly claims that his precious Muslim refugees are “peaceful” people who just want to assimilate into our culture. Videos like this, however, show that Muslims will never be satisfied until they have forced the Western world to submit to Shariah Law.

According to Fox News, one woman found herself targeted by Muslim refugees at a Migrant Reception Center in Belgium when she adamantly refused to wear a headscarf. Her religion doesn’t require her to wear a head covering, but since Muslims consider the garment mandatory attire, they were enraged when she refused to comply with their demands.

According to Mad World News, the Muslims responded with a massive riot and street brawl in which 100 refugees the reception center that volunteers had established for them as a safe haven. Clearly, this good deed meant nothing to them, since the Muslims destroyed the center over a headscarf.

Footage of the brawl serves as a grim reminder of what will happen in the US if Obama continues to allow thousands of Muslim refugees in. SHARE this story if you think they should stay OUT of our country!


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