Michelle Obama Caught Partying In White House As Millions Of Americans Suffer


February 10, 2016 8:32am PST

Millions of Americans are struggling just to survive right now, but that doesn’t matter to Michelle Obama at all. Instead of doing something to help the American people, Michelle instead chose to host a dance party in the White House this week in honor of Black History Month.

Needless to say, no white people were allowed at the party.

According to Huffington Post, Michelle invited a few African American dance icons to host a dance class for 51 young black female dancers in the White House on Monday. During the class, the girls learned African dance, hip-hop, ballet and modern dance.

The master class was taught by the legendary Debbie Allen, classical dance instructor Virgina Johnson, hip-hop choreographer Fatima Robinson and Alvin Ailey Artistic Director Emerita Judith Jamison.

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After the class, the girls were forced to listen to Michelle do what she does best: talk about herself.

“We are excited to see you take your place,” she said. “Not just on the stage but in the course of making change in this country. You all are our next generation.”

The first lady later wrote in an “inspirational” Instagram post, “We have the power to keep reaching higher and defying the odds until a black principal dancer is no longer a cause for headlines and our children are limited only by the size of their dreams and their willingness to work for them.”

Frankly, everything this woman does makes us sick at this point. SHARE this story if you are sick of Michelle Obama AND her race-baiting!


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